Online School Store

Let parents & students shop online through your school store

What is an online school store?

Active Network's WebStore gives your school an easy way to sell any school item online. The online school store software automates all the work your staff used to put into manually processing and managing paperwork, checks and cash. Plus, the WebStore integrates with SchoolBooks and tracks to make tracking funds and collecting payments and donations simple and straightforward.

From prom tickets and yearbooks to parking and activity fees, you can put it all online for your students and parents, saving your school a ton of time and generating more revenue

Whether one person or 500 people buy online, it takes me 5 minutes to reconcile all the payments! If 500 people stand in line, I'd be counting money for hours.
The WebStore has cut my work in half!

- Janice Johnson, Financial Secretary, Skyline High School

How can the WebStore help your school?

  • Integration with school accounting software and financial systems, including SchoolBooks and Tracks
  • Accurate, detailed financial reporting with iron-clad audit trails
  • Improved cash flow and additional channels for revenue generation
  • Secure, PCI-compliant transactions processed via SSL technology
  • Customized appearance that reflects your school's colors, logos and photos

Our Clients Include:

Granite School District is made up of 88 schools in Salt Lake City, Utah. Financial Secretaries needed to streamline processes consistently among all schools and meet community requests to pay for school items online.

By implementing an integrated accounting system, the district can now manage the flow of all school funds with increased accountability, decreased manual data entry up to 2 hours daily, and enabled online transactions ensuring all student debts are paid in full.

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For nearly ten years, Loara High School has been using Active Network's school administration software to manage its accounting and student activities.

The School has experienced significant benefits including increased efficiency, saved time and improved services to parents and students.

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In 2008, Sutter Union High School decided to overhaul its manual, paper-based processes related to activity fund accounting, student fee receipting, and student store sales, and upgrade to automated school software.

Since making the upgrade to Active Network's school software solution, Sutter has seen significant improvements in efficiency, auditing and student and teacher involvement.

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Who's uses the WebStore?

Elementary, middle & high schools of all sizes integrate Active's online school store into their school website.
Check out some examples from real schools who use the WebStore:


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